T-Rack - Portable Thoracic Extension Rack


Peter Robertson - Three time World Champion Triathlete

Peter Robertson"Whether I've just jumped off the bike, been on the computer for a while or have been traveling, a few minutes on the Thoracic Rack and I feel so much better afterwards. It really helps to improve my posture and I feel like I'm walking tall again. I don't go anywhere without it now."



Ji Wallace - The Trampoline Guy

"I tried the 'rack' at the suggestion of my chiropractor to increase the range of movement of my thorasic spine. Being an international trampolinist and not a very flexible one at that I have been in search of something that will increase my range of motion and my flexibility for some time. Finding such a support rack has been a blessing for both myself and my chiropractor as my headaches have stopped, my range of motion has improved now to the point of satisfactory and the most impressive benefit of using the rack has been that my movements on the trampoline now are fluid, strong and stable. I work on the rack before training and after training and even most mornings when I get up and I am feeling stiff from a heavy nights sleep I am agile again within minutes and using the rack."

"With the World Championships around the corner and the Olympics less than 12 months away the rack comes with me to competitions both domestically and internationally. Using the rack is a part of my daily routine for better spinal health."

"Many thanks to Brad and his team for allowing me a rack of my own."

Mirinda Carfrae uses the portable thoracic rack


The thoracic extension rack is great for:

  • Therapists
  • Athletes
  • Office Workers
  • Manual Labourers
  • Everyone!