T-Rack - Portable Thoracic Extension Rack

Portable Thoracic Rack / Thoracic Extension Rack

There are two types of thoracic racks available:

T-Rack Pro: $185.00 AUD + Delivery
The T-Rack Pro is a robust fibreglass model that is extremely durable, and would suit gyms, clinics, football teams or the person over 100kg. It's the exact same shape as the T-Rack Elite, weighs approx. 1.1kg and the same to better finish.
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T-Rack Elite: $145.00 AUD + Delivery
The T-Rack Elite is a polyurethane expansion model weighing approx. 1.1kg, but still extremely sturdy. It is designed for the traveling athlete or those who want to take it to work, etc
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Thoracic Extension Rack - The perfect posture tool

Poor posture is becoming a real problem in modern day life, and elite athletes are certainly not exempt from the related issues that postural changes can cause. Without the correct amount of thoracic extension, the spine is restricted, ultimately contributing to injuries and areas of greater stress. Even the accumulative effects of sitting poorly, or some would say sitting at all, can contribute to postural related injuries, and often effect the efficiency of the way the body responds to work loads.

Standing Poor Posture Poor posture   Good posture Standing Good Posture

The racks shape is designed to reverse the poor postures we find ourselves in from day to day. These postures are worsened when we drive the car, sit at the computer, and lounge around at home.

What does it do?

  • Stretches the anterior muscles of the chest and shoulders, that are deemed short and often inflexible due to poor posture
  • Mobilises the thoracic spine, hence increasing your ability to extend through this crucial area.
  • Helps to increase flexibility in the pelvic region, allowing anterior rotation. This improves the upper body’s ability to achieve a mechanically efficient posture.

Download Using The T-Rack GuideDownload the Using The T-Rack guide (pdf format ~95KB)

For the Therapist

The T-rack can be used as a clinical treatment device, and we have sold hundreds to many happy Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Simply lay your client on the T-rack and it will do much of the work for you. While the client is laying on the T-rack, in this unique position, you can do fantastic work through the pectorals, anterior shoulder musculature and abdominal region, increasing extension, and rotation of the thoracic spine. Treatment of these muscle groups at length, will fast track the rate of improved flexibility.

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Mirinda Carfrae uses the portable thoracic rack


"With the World Championships around the corner and the Olympics less than 12 months away the rack comes with me to competitions both domestically and internationally. Using the rack is a part of my daily routine for better spinal health."

Ji Wallace - The Trampoline Guy

T-Rack Pro - Thoracic extension rackT-Rack Elite - Thoracic extension rack

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The thoracic extension rack is great for:

  • Therapists
  • Athletes
  • Office Workers
  • Manual Labourers
  • Everyone!